Ahhhhhhh! Wheeeee! Ooooh! Those are the sounds that have pretty much been playing in my head since I booked plane tickets to Copenhagen back in June. You see, the idea of visiting Scandinavia has always enchanted me; beautiful landscapes, beautiful people and beautiful languages - what's not to like? But it got to a point … Continue reading Copenhagen.



On a scale of 1 to easily impressed, I am definitely towards the latter end. Give me some food, a nice building to gawp at and a warm bed at the end of the day, and I am yours. So when I first visited Antwerp a good 4 years ago and wasn't too impressed, I pretty … Continue reading Antwerp.


Hello little blog, how are you doing? It's been quiet round these parts recently - partly because I've been busy getting on what that grand old game we call life, and partly because I haven't really felt like sharing. Things have been good; I've been on trips, worked late nights, spent time with friends and … Continue reading July.


Here's a tip to all the budding CEO's out there: there is no better way to completely destroy productivity and focus for the day than giving your employees a surprise day off. Indeed, I would estimate that it took no more than 3.5 minutes from the email being sent out for the entire office to … Continue reading Liège.