Straight after the indulgence of Christmas comes the self-loathing of January. Suddenly eating 13 mince pies in a single sitting - which seemed nothing short of genius at the time - is an obscene idea. The Christmas tree looks slightly menacing and grotesque, and those cosy nights in front of Westworld have been replaced by evenings in front of … Continue reading 2017.



Venice has never really been top of my list of places to visit, simply because I've seen and heard so much about it, it kind of feels like I've been a thousand times over. From the postcard sights to the ever-so-famous smells, it's always felt as if visiting Venice would be just a little bit underwhelming. And my reluctance wasn't … Continue reading Venice.


Italy is a country that has always enchanted me, and yet I haven't seen nearly as much of it as I'd like. I elected to study Italian at university, hoping that by the end of four years I'd be scooting around the streets of Florence on my Vespa, living a life that only The Lizzie McGuire … Continue reading Verona.

One Year.

3rd September 2015, 3.15pm. I was standing in Liverpool airport with my mum as she wipes away my tears, check-in assistants eyeing us up with faces of professional concern. Whilst tears are pretty standard for me in an aiport due to my crippling fear of flying, this time my hysterics were nothing to do with … Continue reading One Year.