I’m a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge, where I specialised in Medieval French literature and contemporary Italian film. Looking back it probably wasn’t the most useful combination in terms of employment, but it makes for interesting conversation at dinner parties and makes me sound like a deep and interesting person with opinions that stretch beyond what is for dinner tomorrow night. Although I do hope it is carbonara.

I met a boy and moved to Amsterdam in September, just after graduation. In my head I was going to be riding a pastel-coloured bicycle along canals with tulips in my basket and the sudden ability to sing (in Dutch, what else). In reality I am working as a copywriter for a small start-up to make ends meet, spending my evenings with an astrophysicist whose blood is at least 67% tea.

This blog is to document my latest adventure overseas, as very little stands of my time in France (putting aside the lifetime of regrets for a moment). Witterings, out-of-focus photos and tangents about food, moomins and guinea pigs are to be expected.


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