There’s nothing I love more than a nice long walk. Some people take showers, some people head to the pub, but when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed I walk. I walk and I walk and I walk until my head starts to detangle and everything comes back into focus. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes I listen to music and pretend I’m in a rom-com, but it always always works. On our recent trip to Veneto, then, a walk in the tree-lined valleys was an absolute must. Not such a must that I remembered to pack my walking boots, mind you, but a hurried raid of B’s mum’s wardrobe and some thick socks in the toe later, and I was all set to take on the elements.

We were lucky enough to be staying close to the Parco delle Cascate in the village of Molina. A natural wonder, the park boasts about 9 or 10 waterfalls in the beautiful rolling hills of the valley. Slightly less natural – but just as fun – are the swings that are attached to some of the waterfalls. Let me tell you, nothing makes you appreciate nature more than hurtling towards it in a rusty seat going ‘whee!’

After spending a good few hours in the forest and pointing at cascading water, we decided to trek down the valley to where we were staying for lunch. It wasn’t a very trodden path – there were some pretty wobbly moments – but there is something quite liberating about plodding along the muddy forest floor and just focussing on where to put your next step. It was a pretty therapeutic walk, and soaking our feet in the river at the end of our 2-hour walk? Practically medicinal.



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