Phew. I am an optimistic person but let me tell you, June is a month I am very very glad to see the back of. Things at work have been nothing short of hectic; with staff restructuring and drama afoot, office morale has been low and I have come home in a less than perfect mood more than once. Add to that the Brexit referendum results and you have yourself a perfect recipe for a tantrum or two. Nevertheless, June had its moments, moments which I hope become days and weeks long now that we are moving into July.


  1. A weekend in Leuven. June started strong with a weekend trip to Leuven, which I’ve covered in greater detail here. Short version: Leuven is pretty, my brother likes lightning but I prefer sausages… Yep, that pretty much covers it.
  2. Roses from B. With things being so difficult at work and my mood being generally set to a wonderful mix of angry and frustrated (a state henceforth known as angstrated), B has been my rock, with flowers, dinners and encouraging words aplenty. I certainly am a very lucky, if angstrated, one. 
  3. Looking at the sunnier side of things.  These flowers are another B purchase, but they also mark my conscious decision towards the end of the month to stop getting so hung up on things. A job is a job at the end of the day, and I have plenty of other exciting things going on in my life to focus on instead. With a few trips and exciting events planned in July, things are certainly looking up. 
  4. A little lady. Watching my niece grow up with my sister-in-law’s daily updates has become one of the highlights of my day. She’s really starting to become her own person – eating real food, discovering new favourites and of course, rocking some amazing outfits.  Sure it sucks that I’m seeing this all through a phone screen, but I’m already counting down the days until I next see her.
  5. Reminiscing. This month marked one year since my graduation from Cambridge and I can’t quite believe it. Things have changed a lot in that I now live and work in a different country, but I still feel like the same person, still muddling my way through and hoping that I don’t get figured out. I’ve been missing my friends a lot this month, so looking back on these photos has been a relief. Take me back to student life!
  6. Eating my feelings. Hey, did I mention things at work had been tough? I’m not sure if it’s a coping mechanism or just a good old-fashioned excuse, but this month I have been gobbling everything in sight. Including this white chocolate cake, bought from the little cake shop in Sloterdijk – next time I’m going for the rainbow cake. I sense an obsession beginning.  
  7. Facing my fears (but not out of choice). I am a pretty good contender for ‘World’s Worst Flyer’ so you can only imagine my delight when on the way to Geneva the pilot cheerily announced that we should buckle on up because we were approaching a storm. Yes, a storm. A. STORM. Lightning flashes, a rocky plane and deep breaths into a paper bag resulted. But still, at least I got to see a rainbow from above, right?
  8. Geneva. So you may have guessed that in June we escaped for a cheeky long weekend in Geneva. A much needed holiday, Geneva was not at all what I expected, in an entirely good way. 
  9. Being part of the home crowd. Whilst we were in Geneva, we were lucky enough to watch the Switzerland-Poland Euro game in a local bar. Poland may have emerged victorious on penalties (spoiler), but it was still pretty special to watch the game as part of the Swiss home crowd. And the roar that went up when Switzerland scored? Insane. 
  10. Still thinking about those custard tarts. Need I say more?
  11. Exploring with B. I missed B a lot this month when he was on his various adventures. Getting to join him in Geneva was wonderful – it’s just all a little better when you have somebody by your side. 
  12. Appreciating the invisible. Sounds pretty deep, but in reality this is me having a look at a sculpture in a Genevan park, labelled “sculpture énorme et transparente.” Those Swiss have a keen sense of humour. 



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