They say it’s better to look ahead than behind. But when it’s Tuesday, you’re home alone and all that’s for dinner is some sad-looking bread and a thousand tubs of yoghurt, sometimes it’s good to take a ramble down memory lane.

May was a good month, filled with trips, family and catching up with friends old and new.


1. Discovering Amsterdam on a Sunday. I’m slowly starting to feel at home in this beautiful city;  every time I step out the door I seem to discover a new favourite place (usually centred around food, but hey I’m an eater).

2. Spending weekends with friends. We met up with a friend and her beautiful baby for a scone from the Bakkerswinkel (not only am I an eater, but I’m a diehard jam clotted cream & jam fan). A lovely day spent in the sunshine, chatting nonsense and trying to keep my sunglasses from being torn of my face (baby’s in his grabby phase).

3. Witnessing a tulip phenomenon. It wouldn’t be my first spring in the Netherlands without a trip to Keukenhof. My parents came for a couple of days and we hopped along to the beautiful tulip fields just outside of Amsterdam. Stunning. Took a few too many pictures. 

4. I love tulips so much I dress like them!

5. Ferry across the Mersey. So we went home to Liverpool for a few days before heading off to the rainy fields of Herefordshire, and I finally got to take B for a spin on the Mersey. It’s a truly beautiful city, whenever I go home I become that little bit prouder to call it my hometown. We also went to Neon Jamon for some delicious tapas and wine, before wrapping it up with Eurovision. Don’t wait up.

6. Contrary to popular belief, the sun does sometimes shine in Liverpool. Caught B off-guard. 

7. Escaping to the countryside. So the reason for our UK-based jaunt was primarily to spend a week in a barn with my family, somewhere deep in the Herefordshire hills. Had a lot of fun doing jigsaws, watching swimming and pottering around tiny villages. 

8. Rambling with B. Seeing as hills are such a rarity here in the Netherlands, we thought we should make the most of it – may have got a bit too close for comfort with some of the sheep (who knew a BAAAA could be so full of malice?) but it was nice to breathe a bit of fresh air and get away from it all.

9. Meeting the little one. Of course, my not-so-secret reason for being so keen on a family getaway was getting to spend more time with my little 5-month-old niece. She’s just starting to notice the world and it’s fascinating to see it through her eyes. Evidently by this picture, she’s already noticed the wonder of alcohol. Bottom’s up, kid. 

10. Fooling around & general tomfoolery. It just wouldn’t be a family holiday without reverting into kids again, would it? On a visit to Croft Castle we couldn’t help but have a little mess around with the costumes in the photo booth – I mean, they were in adult size so what did they expect? We then went for cake. Poor mum.

11. A whistlestop London tour. Our third and final stop on our grand UK tour in May was London, for a weekend catching up with friends. I went for a girly dinner and planned a trip to Budapest, B got smashed and ate some bloody good steak. Everybody wins.

12. Out on a school night. On the final night of the month we went to see Dara O’Briain perform here in Amsterdam (tickets were still on sale a week before and for cheaper than in the UK, I ain’t complaining) in the Meervaart theater, which is just opposite this beautiful lake in Osdorp. We ate dinner by the water and enjoyed a drink before the show. On a  Wednesday(?!). I mean, this kind of rebellion is simply unheard of for the likes of us. 


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